Tugging at the Veil

For those just joining this, this is my first blog, and so, let me first and foremost appologize for the sort of unfinished look on this. Expect changes as I figure out how to do them.

That out of the way, I suppose introducing what I am going to be looking at is a beginning, right? Well, let me first explain why the choice of the name. I have always had a philosophical connection to the Hindu concept of the Veil of Maya, the Veil of Illusion that shrouds the world, keeping us from true enlightenment. What this really boils down to for the western mindset can be compared to the Platonic Forms, that all we ever see is just the shadow of reality, filtered through our flawed senses and interpreted through our biases and perceived knowledge. Another way to look at it is: This world is an illusion, and the truth, the real TRUTH, is hidden behind the Veil of Maya, through understanding the illusory, transient, fleeting nature of the world, and accept that, ultimately, everything we know, everything we believe is based on a lie, can we truly put the world behind and seek the pure Truth.

OK, so…it is not that simple to explain. However, it is my hope with this blog to get people to take a look around their world, and see those things they miss, being so caught up in their job, their drive to work, their, well, everything. We fall into our habits, and ignore those things that are not directly relevant at the time. My hope is to help people take back a little of what is missing, to peek through the Veil of Maya and come away better.

How, one might ask, am I going to do that? There are many ways, but what I am going to do is just make posts about observations, maybe some rants here and there, maybe discuss movies and music. If the World is an Illusion, the only way to see the truth is to address the world, not hide from it, look for those spots where the illusion rips, and maybe catch a glimpse of the beauty behind the veil.

I thank everyone for joining me in this experiment, and hope to post at least once a week or so, though I will likely not follow a set pattern.

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