Belief: the Quest for Truth

The more I thought about all the issues I could make my first real subject, the more I realized that without some basis in understanding me, many would probably just dismiss me as “yet another looney using the anonymity of the net to pointlessly spout their beliefs.” It was there that I realized what I should take the time to talk about…. Belief.

We all have things we believe in. These beliefs shape our lives, and how we relate to others. In many ways, we do live in a world of our own delusions. This is why I chose to make the Veil of Maya the underlying theme of my blog. However, when we address Belief, we have to address it as something different, something more then just those illusions that we hold as reality. One must address the purpose of Belief itself. Simply put, Belief is part of something greater.  Belief is our reaction to intuitively realizing how much our own perception shapes our own world, and thus an intuitive seeking out of a greater Truth.

This search for Truth is something everyone has, to some degree or another.  It might be a philosophical Truth, the kind that Socrates ultimately gave his life for, it might be a spiritual Truth, the quest for which spawned the great religious leaders and probably a few cult leaders, or it could be a scientific Truth, that gives us people like Newton, Einstein, and Hawkins. Ultimately, though, we know, intuitively, there is something out there greater, some sort of ultimate Truth. Even the people who do not believe in such are, by denying the existence of such Truth, expressing a Belief in its nature.

So, if there are so many different approaches to Truth, and Belief is, by its nature, the quest for this Truth, how does one seek it? The Bible.

OK…not just the Bible(did I catch you?), but also the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, The Book of Five Rings, the Hagakure, the Upanishads, the Kama Sutra, The Elder Edda, the Dresden Codex, the Rubaiyat of Omar Kayyam, the stories of a hundred, a thousand different peoples. All of those, all of those, are representative one thing: Humanity’s quest for truth. Some are religious, some are philosophical, some are just good stories. Ultimately, though, the Truth is not in any one of those books or stories. Parts of it are, true, but the whole Truth cannot be put in any one source. In fact, no human can really know the Truth. We can just know a small portion of it.

This inability to know the whole Truth is why we have our Belief. We look for the Truth. We know, though, that what we find is not always the Truth, even when it is the Truth for other people. This is because we are more or less hardwired for which Truth is going to resonate with us. Look at how many born Christians, for example, will go to different denominations, or even renounce the religion they were raised in to go to a different religion entirely, converting to Buddhism, various Pagan Traditions, Islam, or any other path. Why is that? Because what they were raised to believe did not resonate with them. They knew they were paying lip-service to something that was not for them, and they sought out what was.  This forced them to look at, and see what they really Believed, by seeking what resonated.

Because, though, Truth resonates differently for each individual, no-one can teach one, single, universal Truth. It is impossible. Instead, the wise teacher would know that they can only guide someone to find their own Truth. Once, when explaining this notion to someone in person, I had him ask me “So, where does one look for this ‘Truth’?” My response, is the same thing that I firmly Believe, and, in many ways is an explanation of why I treat any reading, any story telling, very seriously: “The Truth is where you find it.”

So, until next time, good readers, I leave you with this thought: Live your own Truth, not one of someone else.

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