And, why all the focus on the wrong issue?

In the news the last few years, we have all seen arguments for and against same-sex marriage. Some people think it is evil, some people think it should have the same protections as different-sex marriage. There have been all sorts of legal arguments made for both sides. This whole issue bothers me. Why does whether same-sex marriage should be legalized bother me? Because the issue is the wrong one.

What is that? Do I hear people groaning and complaining because they think there is some prejudice in my view? My belief that this is the wrong issue is not because I have anything against the GBLT community. No, my belief that this is the wrong issue is because of how I view marriage itself.

To me, marriage is a religious bond between two or more people who are proclaiming before their deity their deep seated love for each other. When you look at other religions, you see that some support polygamy, same-sex marriages(after a fashion), extramarital relations, and a whole bunch of other variations. Unfortunately, marriage in our country is treated, not as the inherently religious institution it should be, but as an institute of the state.

Now, I admit, marriage as a government institution does have some benefits: Ease of telling when an immigrant is married to an American, good, simple ways to figure out taxes, estates, and a large number of other things. If one were to move marriage out of being a legal institution, things would get a little messier. But, at the same time, the government would lose the right to say who you could and could not marry, how many times you could marry, or even if you can marry.

To me, the issue that should be attacked is the government being involved in, regulating, and infringing on the free right to exercise as ones faith sees fit, a 100% religious institution. So, forget Same-Sex Marriage should be legal. Instead say “Marriage should be completely de-regulated!”

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