New Trend: Sterility of the season

Once upon a time, this time of year had lots of bright, colourful decorations. However, somewhere in the past few years, someone got the idea that the new standard, instead of lots of brightly coloured lights, wreaths, snowmen, etc, has become  “a bunch of white lights and a red bow.” For some people, especially in warmer climates, this seems to represent snow, but….

White is a very sterile colour. When everything all around is white, it is like a hospital, or even a tomb. What happened? What makes people seek this colour scheme? Why are coloured lights so rare anymore? Why, in a culture that is constantly spouting off about “tolerance”, are we using a colour that is most commonly associated with death outside of the west?

A festive time of year has become slowly more and more sterile, and death obsessed, when even the major celebrators talk about it being a time of hope. Where has this time of year gone so horribly wrong? And, what could get it back on track?

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