Not-so-equal Rights

You know, some people could argue that our country has become alot more open-minded in recent years. We have an African-American President, Congress has passed a requirement to allow gay and lesbian soldiers to serve in the military openly, more states allow medical marijuana and the federal government won’t prosecute those who have the legal amounts of cannabis, and more states are allowing same-sex marriage(despite what federal law says on the subject). Seems like a great, open minded time in our country, where the Founding Fathers inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are finally coming to bear, a country where all men are created equal coming more and more to be the case. Pretty long as you are African American, a hippy, of gay or Lesbian. Not so much if you are a woman.

You see, when you look at the history of social change, it is always the African-Americans first. The Black Vote was allowed well before Women’s Suffrage was achieved, African Americans were allowed to attend higher education well before women would be accepted, African Americans were allowed into combat operations in the military, while, despite their dying in behind-the-lines combat, women are still not allowed to be in front-line combat operations in the U.S. military. Now, though, we have a lawmaker, a man who represents all the people in his district(so, thus, the majority of people in Cobb County in Georgia agree with this guy!) saying he wants to change the state law to forbid rape victims from being referred to as victims. Seriously, look here:

Let us stop and think about this. I could point out all the issues such as it being yet another form of victimization to the woman, but that is rather obvious, and outside of the scope of my blog. No…it is here for the point of addressing the issue here: Women are, apparently, always second when it comes to civil rights reform. This sort of law calls more into mind laws from the past that would effectively say that an African American was guilty. After all, when you take away the language that makes the woman a victim, and change her to a mere accuser, what have you done to the crime? The law says nothing about “assault accusers”, or “murder accusers.” Instead, the law sets out to lessen women, to take away the seriousness of a crime mostly committed on and against women. More then that is that proportionally more white women report rape then minority women. So, to put those white women who have the audacity to report one of the most serious crimes in their place, subservient to the white men, to discourage the women even more from reporting the most under-reported crime.

Women have come a long way, acknowledged to be able to do just about everything a man can, but now…They stare at a loss of so much. And why? No, really, why? Because they are women? Because they are not African-American? Because a southern lawmaker can’t target blacks anymore, so targets something “easier”? Is this really what “equal rights” means?

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