Optimus Prime for President! Wait..what?

First, let me apologize for not having posted in….a while. I have a general purpose to try and keep party politics out of this blog(if I talk about something political, it is almost always going to be topics like I have covered so far, topics that can be open discourse and thought provocation for both sides). Recent events have been such that I really would not have been able to discuss what was on my mind without reducing myself to partisan politics.(I do not plan to say anything on my views on the national debt, debt ceiling, Tea PArty, Democrats, Obama, Perry, Romney, Bachmann, etc, ever…that way lies bitterness and anger).

That out of the way, *takes a deep breath*this will be political in nature(if the title had not tipped you off). One thing I kept hearing from both sides in the recent dust-up in Washington was calls for “leadership.” However, no-one has said what they want as leadership. This lead to a friend of mine and I discussing the situation, and we realized something….

Ultimately, the best leader for our country is a fictional character: Generation 1 Optimus Prime! This is the Optimus Prime that was in the ORIGINAL 1980’s cartoon series. This is the leader who, when watching his people being killed responded by driving through the enemy lines(to really cool music), and engaging in single combat with his arch nemesis. He made the tough decision to put the Dinobots in stasis after they went crazy, but later pardoned them when they saved his bacon. This is a leader who was kind and compassionate to those weaker then him, understanding to his subordinates, and utterly convinced that “for evil to win, all that was needed was for good people to do nothing.”

Optimus, though he ultimately made all the decisions, listened to those with more knowledge,and took them into consideration. He could communicate well, as well. He could get his point across to the world governments, the military, and Japanese corporations making killer robot ninja.

But, of all his traits, was one simple thing: When he made a decision, he stuck to it and people listened. Honestly, if the Autobots had elected their leaders, and voted whether or not to follow the ‘bot in charge, I outright believe that Optimus could have said what they were going to do, and would almost always have, through his sheer force of personality, charisma, and CONVICTION gotten the Autobots to follow along.

We, regardless of our party views, want someone like that. We want someone as the President, the speaker of the House, the Majority leader of the Senate, to head of the Local PTA,the Student Body President, what have you, who, when he or she speaks, people LISTEN, they argue for or against, but, ultimately, when the decision is made, it is made, no squabling, no arguing, no looking back and wondering. The Big Bot never looked back, he made his call, and then everyone rolled out, to victory or defeat on their own merits and their belief in the rightness of their cause, the same cause that Optimus was leading them through, regardless of whether or not they believed his decision right or not.

So…Optimus Prime for President!

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